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There are so many items that you can use to make your office homier. This post will catalogue the top 6 that you can buy from a discount office supply store.

1. Mesh literature racks: These contemporary racks are perfect for displaying magazines, newspapers and other forms of reading material. With high visibility, everyone in the waiting room will find something to read.
2. Affordable office furniture: From reception seating and sofas to lecterns and tables, having the right affordable office furniture can make all the difference in the presentation of your office.
3. Mouse pads & wrist rests: it can be hard on your wrists browsing the internet all day. It’s a welcome addition to have some comfort on your desk.
4. Mini-fridge: No office should be without one. You can’t order out every day – that‘s simply too expensive. Bringing a lunch can make all the difference: eating healthier, saving money, and working harder.
5. Paper Shredder: Some documents cannot find their way into enemy’s hands. They must be shredded.
6. Hand Sanitizer: This quick cleanser should not be overlooked. Keeping your hands clean is rejuvenating and important when you’re at the office.

With these 6 items, your office will be enhanced dramatically – try it and see!