How to Keep Students Attention

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It doesn’t matter if it’s Monday or Friday, September or June, a half-day or a whole, students are always going to find excuses to be distracted. Especially the younger students. Staying focused and on task is any student’s least favorite thing to do, yet it is imperative for them and the teacher to succeed.

So, besides requiring high amounts of adderall on their list of back to school supplies, how do you keep students attention?

Keep them actively engaged. Motivate through compliments, rewards, or confrontation if necessary. Coax them. Fool them. Strike nerves. An angry student is a passionate student, and as long as that passion is pushed in the direction of the subject matter, it should be interpreted as a positive.

And don’t forget to work hard yourself… or at least give off the impression that you are. Students who interpret their educators as lethargic are likely to mimic these actions. Even just faking your own enthusiasm can help to motivate your students.

When making a list of educational school supplies, include some incentive charts. Young minds get motivated when they see their progress and advancement in front of them. Additionally, a little competition between students is okay as long as it leads them in the direction of progress and education.

Affordable Office Furniture from Alera!

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When searching for affordable office furniture, one of the prime companies to consult is Alera. They feature a series of discount office supplies that can be had at unbelievably cheap prices.

The Alera Three-Drawer Mobile Pedestal File is charcoal colored, has a recessed drawer pull, and features counterweight anti-tip mechanisms that prevent it from tipping over no matter which way you stack your files. The Filer has three drawers, two 6-inch high box style and one foot-long high-sided file style. And not only does the Alera Mobile Pedestal File meet or exceed all ANSI/BIFMA standards, but it comes with a limited five-year warranty, and is currently available through United Supply Corp. for under HALF the listing price.

The Alera Swivel Task Chair features a contoured seat and back that provide comfort for those long days spent at the desktop. With pneumatic seat adjustment, full 360-degree rotation, and five-star leg base, the Swivel Task Chair available from Alera is an ideal piece of affordable office furniture. And just like the Pedestal File, this chair comes with a five-year limited warranty and is available for exactly HALF the listing price through United Supply Corp.

Of course, if that’s not the chair for you, Alera offers the Etros Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair, which features a breathable mesh back, cushioned mesh fabric, and adjustable lumbar support. Its height-adjustable arms make this chair usable for a variety of different sized users. And if you thought the prices for the previous two items were low, you won’t believe this! The Etros Series chair can be had through United Supply Corp. for 55% off the initial price! Talk about affordable office furniture

The Ultimate on Any Camp Supply List

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Putting together a list of camp supplies? Let me help you out.

First off, you’ll need art supplies. Lots of ‘em. Paints, paintbrushes, markers, colored pens, colored pencils crayons, the works. And don’t forget play-dough. Everybody likes play-dough.

While you’re at it, make sure to get some artistic extras, like beads, charms, buttons, and stickers. Oh, and glue, preferably in stick form, ‘cause who needs the mess?

You’ll need some outdoor sports supplies as well. Basketballs, footballs, soccer balls… all good fun. And why not get them in foam form as well? Sure, playing with a regular ball is classic fun, but a foam ball has the advantage of being suitable for anyone of any age, and is typically perfect in a pool.

However, when looking for outdoor sports supplies, or any camp supplies for that matter, there is only one ultimate item, one unique toy that reigns supreme above all others on any truly worthy list of camp supplies.

The Tug of War Rope.

Tug of War is a perfect game that teaches team-unity in addition to being suitable for all ages. United Supply Corp. offers 50, 75, and 100 foot tug-of-war ropes, making sure you’ve got the right sized rope for your particularly sized group. Manufactured by TC Sports, the Tug of War rope is a must have.

Educational School Supplies: The Benefits of Board Games

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Board games are one of the most valuable educational school supplies. On the academic side, board games help children recognize numbers and letters, read, count and make groups, and improve color recognition, visual perception, hand-eye coordination and reflexes.

Board games also give children an opportunity to develop their self-confidence, self-esteem and valuable social skills in how to cooperate, communicate, share, wait, take turns, and respect others’ space and privacy. By playing games, children’s ability to focus, attention span and determination can be strengthened.

Simple board games like Chutes and Ladders can even teach children important life skills and show how their luck can change in an instant; they may be ahead one moment, and behind the next. The rules of board games teach children to stay within the boundaries.

Young children need support from adults when it comes to winning and losing. Winning can make children feel very proud and elated; losing can cause frustration. Very young children under the age of five may need help from adults to win and build confidence; after the age of 6, they should start to understand the concept of fair play.

For a wide range of board games and back to school supplies for children of all ages, visit United Support Corp today.

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