Top 5 Educational Camp Supplies

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Summer camp provides a unique opportunity for children to learn while having fun. Regular classes must adhere to a set curriculum, but the camp environment is much more relaxed, allowing children to learn at their own pace without the pressures of the school year. Read on for some of our favorite educational school supplies for camp.

Wood Kits: They say getting there is half the fun, and with wood kits, that's definitely the case. These kits help children learn about following directions and checking their work, all the while allowing them to create wooden animals, cars, birdhouses, and more.

Board Games: When it comes to board games, the sky is the limit! Depending on their design, board games can cater to a variety of different grade levels, emphasizing a variety of concepts from spelling and vocabulary to mental math and economics.

Parachutes: Available in a variety of sizes, parachutes make fantastic bonding activities for young children and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Each parachute is made of durable, double-stitched nylon and comes with its own carrying bag.

Badminton Equipment: Sports like soccer and basketball are lots of fun, but on those really hot days, campers are better suited for a low-impact activity like badminton — which, like other sports, teaches valuable lessons about teamwork and sportsmanship.

Binoculars: Can you hear the ooh's and ah's from here? Handing out these camp supplies is a great way to remind kids that observing the great outdoors can be just as fun as the computer and TV screens they're used to staring at.

Your Discount Office Supply Checklist

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discount office supplyIf you're looking to save money on office supplies online, you might be wondering where to begin. For some ideas, read on for our Discount Office Supply Checklist!

Labels & Stamps: As your business grows, so does your paperwork, whether we're talking customer receipts or employee records. To keep everything in a logical order, custom order stamps, label holders, and tags might be just what you need.

Packing Materials: A vital component to many a business, the mailroom necessitates a variety of supplies, including mail bags and sorters, stamp affixers and moisteners, packaging tape, boxes, and wrapping materials.

Ink & Toner: You can never have enough printer ink and copier toner, so when you find a good deal, don't be afraid to buy in bulk. Just make sure that the ink or toner you are buying is compatible with your specific make and model of machine.

Affordable Office Furniture: You'd be amazed how much a comfortable chair or new desk can increase productivity. Whether you're shopping for yourself or your employees, office furniture is definitely something to consider.

Back to School Supplies for Summer

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back to school supplies
Even though the school year traditionally starts in September, summer school students — and their instructors — need to start thinking about back to school supplies now. Read on for some of our favorite back to school items.

Construction Paper

For large assignments and impromptu projects alike, colored construction paper is a great way to facilitate creative expression in young children. For accessories, don't forget to pick up some safety scissors, glue sticks, and maybe some glitter!

Notebooks & Ruled Paper

Although most students use computers at home, paper supplies are still very useful during the school day, whether you're teaching penmanship or dictating notes. To practice creative writing, grammar, reading comprehension, and simple math, classroom journals (ruled notebooks or composition books) can't be beat.

Pocket Folders

Now is the time to instill good organizational habits in your students. Colored folders give children a sense of ownership, inspiring them to keep all of their papers in one place (and not leave them at home). To further encourage this behavior, use a couple of these educational school supplies yourself!

Our Favorite Affordable Office Furniture Pieces

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Affordable Office FurnitureTired of the same old office furniture? Why not mix it up with some affordable pieces from We're a discount office supply company with a huge selection of items.

Let's take a look at some of our favorites:

Metro Classic Kneespace Credenza by HON
This credenza says “I'm here to do work!” And with its strong laminate surface and durable nylon drawer rollers, this piece will last for years. Choose a mahogany finish for that rustic feel, or keep things light with a credenza in medium oak.

Valencia Series Upper End Cap Bookcases by Alera
If you're always looking for that extra bit of storage, you'll love this upper end bookcase by Alera. Available in both medium cherry and mahogany finishes, this bookcase will complement many modular furniture systems.

Global Commerce Series Guest Arm Chair
Your guests will actually find your waiting rooms enjoyable in these comfortable chairs, with contoured cushions to provide support in all the right places. Plus, the soft arm caps even protect the hands and forearms.

Remember, these are only three items out of our enormous stock of affordable office furniture. Visit for more great options!

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