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back to school supplies
Even though the school year traditionally starts in September, summer school students — and their instructors — need to start thinking about back to school supplies now. Read on for some of our favorite back to school items.

Construction Paper

For large assignments and impromptu projects alike, colored construction paper is a great way to facilitate creative expression in young children. For accessories, don't forget to pick up some safety scissors, glue sticks, and maybe some glitter!

Notebooks & Ruled Paper

Although most students use computers at home, paper supplies are still very useful during the school day, whether you're teaching penmanship or dictating notes. To practice creative writing, grammar, reading comprehension, and simple math, classroom journals (ruled notebooks or composition books) can't be beat.

Pocket Folders

Now is the time to instill good organizational habits in your students. Colored folders give children a sense of ownership, inspiring them to keep all of their papers in one place (and not leave them at home). To further encourage this behavior, use a couple of these educational school supplies yourself!