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The summer is the best time for outdoor activities. Camping and sports are great recreational pastimes. The best thing about camping is that after you set up your tent, you don’t have modern distractions like the internet or TV. This leaves a lot of time to play with camp supplies, to let kids get physical exercise. Volleyball, soccer, badminton, table tennis, football, baseball, basketball – all are classic sports that have made American camping what it is today. The dog runs back and forth, parents can be involved, or the kids can play on their own, making friends with children from all over the campground or neighborhood. Then there are non-traditional pastimes, like building your own hula hoop, or magnetic rocket toss, Jenga, and backyard challenge bean bag toss. Whatever your family likes to do, camp supplies are a good way to bring people together, and have fun.

Maybe your children are more into arts and crafts than sports. In that case you can get an assortment of markers, crayons and dough, all fun educational school supplies that foster imagination and creativity for children. There’s coloring and writing – pastimes that allow children to play and exercise that most important muscle – the brain.