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Are you looking for a creative way to engage your children and get them excited about learning? There are many educational school supplies that don’t involve traditional math or English books that can effectively develop your children’s cognitive skills.

Music is extremely important in the early development of a child. Research has shown that exposure to musical training can prepare a child’s brain for higher mental challenges and can improve their skills in non-musical domains, including spatial reasoning, reading, writing and math.

United Supply Corp has a range of back to school supplies and musical supplies, including percussive instruments (triangles, cymbals, egg shakers, glockenspiels, sleigh bells, hand drums, and maracas) and musical CDs and DVDs. Audiovisual educational resources focus on music, movement, art, drama and language, and equip children to recognize and reproduce rhythmic patterns, recognize sounds and instruments, and learn, sing and dance to songs.

Resources are developed by a range of leading early childhood educators, including Greg & Steve, Dr. Jean Feldman, Dr. Pam Schiller, and Mr. Al & Stephen Fite. Bilingual CDs and DVDs are also available for native Spanish-speaking children and native English-speaking children who are learning to speak Spanish.